General FAQs

We specialize in developing youth 6-13 years old 

Training sessions are conducted by our vetted college student-athletes

Training sessions are held at local fields and facilities through our community partnerships

Yes! Student-Athletes have long been able to provide training services, however, they’ve been limited through awareness and other means. We’re developing a space for current athletes to develop future athletes in a safe a compliant way.

Student-Athlete FAQs

It will depend on various market factors, but in most cases student-athletes can expect a range of the following:  Freshman- $35, Sophomore- $40, Junior- $45, Senior- $50

Usually, one week in advance but sometimes sessions may be scheduled 2-3 days with short notice

Ideally, yes but we can work with you to complete after your first session as well

Yes, that’s the idea. As your pipeline of youth grows, you will have multiple sessions in a week if you choose

We’re a team made up of former student-athletes. We wished for relevant and accessible ways to earn money while in college to support our families and aspirations. We also want to provide student-athletes with more opportunities to build their professional presence and competencies while in college because we know how difficult a typical work or internship schedule can be for athletics programming.

Please contact and we will work to re-schedule your session

Please check your spam folder. In addition, we will send a link via text message

If the session time has started and your mentee is not there yet, please speak to someone at the youth-serving organization and ask if your mentee will be there for the session. Then inform us immediately through text (254) 600-9959‬ or email


Yes, even before NIL policies were updated all NCAA student-athletes had the ability to provide training sessions through NCAA Bylaw 12.4, but most student-athletes were unaware. We ensure student-athletes remain eligible while finding consistent training opportunities for them.

Youth Serving Organizations

Typically, we will notify you a week in advance with the schedule for the week. If last minute changes come up, we will send these via email

Please send us a weekly schedule to and we will work to schedule as appropriate

Please utilize the flyer we provided and have parents / youth sign up via the QR code