Empower young athletes through your journey and mentorship.

We cultivate an atmosphere for fun and inspiring learning by matching youth with our local college student-athletes.

Prepare The Next Generation of Student-Athletes

Explore the fulfilling experience of mentoring and coaching young athletes in their journey toward success.


Get support with designing engaging sessions for building long-term relationships.


Train with youth at our partnered and convenient locations minutes from campus.


Help youth from all backgrounds to develop a love for the game through strong relationships.

Why work with us

Crafted by student-athletes for the next generation, we offer flexible opportunities for college athletes to make a meaningful impact in their community while preparing for life after college.

See your community like never before.

Build life skills and habits for your mentee’s long-term success.

How it works

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Build Lasting Connections

Our program fosters meaningful connections between youth and college student-athletes, creating a bond that extends beyond the training sessions. Through these connections, young athletes gain role models, mentors, and inspiration that can positively influence their personal growth and athletic development.

Real Skill Development

By connecting youth with their hometown sports heroes, we provide a unique opportunity for young athletes to receive specialized training and mentorship. Our college student-athletes bring their expertise and passion to the sessions, helping youth enhance their skills, develop a competitive edge, and reach their full athletic potential.

Inspire Personal Growth

We believe in the power of sports to instill valuable life lessons and contribute to personal growth. Our program goes beyond athletic training, incorporating character development, teamwork, resilience, and leadership skills. Through the guidance and mentorship of college student-athletes, youth gain valuable insights and experiences that shape their character on and off the field.

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We specialize in developing youth 6-13 yrs old

Training sessions are conducted by our vetted college student-athletes

Training sessions are held at local fields and facilities through our community partnerships

Yes! Student-Athletes have long been able to provide training services, however, they’ve been limited through awareness and other means. We’re developing a space for current athletes to develop future athletes in a safe and compliant way.

Student-Athlete Q&As

Yes, even before NIL policies were updated all NCAA student-athletes had the ability to provide training sessions through NCAA Bylaw 12.4, but most student-athletes were unaware. We ensure student-athletes remain eligible while finding consistent training opportunities for them.

We’re a team made up of former student-athletes. We wished for relevant and accessible ways to earn money while in college to support our families and aspirations. We also want to provide student-athletes with more opportunities to build their professional presence and competencies while in college because we know how difficult a typical work or internship schedule can be for athletics programming.

Student-athletes are paid a set rate for each training session conducted, we retain a percentage to facilitate the interaction and future sessions.

We’ll work with you to schedule sessions for the days and times that work best for you.