Welcome to the Former Student-Athlete Mentor Program!

Are you a former student-athlete who is passionate about giving back and making a positive impact? Join our FSA Mentor Program and become part of a community that empowers, uplifts, and guides the next generation of student-athletes.

Make a Difference, Reap the Benefits

As an FSA Mentor, you have the chance to make a lasting impact while enjoying several exciting benefits.

Income-Share Opportunities

Open doors to new sponsorship and partnership deals with an income-share arrangement that rewards your influence.

Engage in Paid Mentor Sessions

Join our mentor roundtables for paid sessions, where your expertise and guidance will shape the development of student-athletes.

Tap into Customer Referrals +

Become a preferred vendor, benefit from potential customer referrals for your training programs or other ventures, further expanding your reach.

Why Sponsorship Matters.

At Student-Athlete.co, sponsorships enable us to connect youth in underserved communities to college student-athletes for training and mentorship. 

These sponsorships provide practical and flexible income for our current college student-athletes and offer free training and development opportunities for youth who need it most. 

As an FSA Mentor, by acquiring sponsorships you contribute to a larger purpose of creating positive change and breaking down barriers for aspiring student-athletes.

How it works


Complete our brief application process.


Once approved, you'll work with our team to identify the right sponsors and partners in your region.


Together, we'll create relevant development for future and current student-athletes.


Take a look at why parents, student-athletes, colleges, and community stakeholders are partnering with us.

The Vision: Empower Through Connections

We’ve been diligently working on building something extraordinary over the past few years. Our vision is simple yet powerful: we aim to empower future, current, and former student-athletes through meaningful experiences and connections. We recognize the incredible value of your unique journey and insights, and we’re excited to invite you to be a part of our FSA Mentor Program.

Shape Journeys, Uplift Spirits

By becoming an FSA Mentor, you play a crucial role in shaping the journeys of aspiring student-athletes. Your experiences, wisdom, and guidance will empower them to navigate challenges and achieve success on and off the field. Together, we’ll create a supportive community that uplifts and empowers the next generation.

Ready to Get Started?

Join us. Together, we’ll create a legacy of empowerment!

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We specialize in developing youth 6-13 yrs old

Training sessions are conducted by our vetted college student-athletes

Training sessions are held at local fields and facilities through our community partnerships

Yes! Student-Athletes have long been able to provide training services, however, they’ve been limited through awareness and other means. We’re developing a space for current athletes to develop future athletes in a safe and compliant way.

Student-Athlete Q&As

Yes, even before NIL policies were updated all NCAA student-athletes had the ability to provide training sessions through NCAA Bylaw 12.4, but most student-athletes were unaware. We ensure student-athletes remain eligible while finding consistent training opportunities for them.

We’re a team made up of former student-athletes. We wished for relevant and accessible ways to earn money while in college to support our families and aspirations. We also want to provide student-athletes with more opportunities to build their professional presence and competencies while in college because we know how difficult a typical work or internship schedule can be for athletics programming.

Student-athletes are paid a set rate for each training session conducted, we retain a percentage to facilitate the interaction and future sessions.

We’ll work with you to schedule sessions for the days and times that work best for you.