Case Study

The Fort Worth community collaboration was launched with the goal of leveraging sports as a means to provide meaningful mentorship and guidance. To achieve this objective, we collaborated with Hope Farm, a leadership program that has been empowering at-risk boys from fatherless homes in the community since 1989.

Alongside our partnership with Hope Farm, we received generous support from key sponsors such as Think NIL and Brent Holtz State Farm, who stepped forward to sponsor ongoing sessions through our services. This support has been instrumental in enabling us to continue our efforts in supporting the youth and TCU student-athletes.

Fort Worth, TX Community


Brent Holtz

The Colony, TX

Student-Athlete Professional Development

Skills development include: Communication, Coordination, Leadership, Time Management & Community Engagement.

Student-Athlete development is a core value of the Hope Farm, Inc and collaboration. With each interaction, student-athletes are being equipped with the necessary skills to be successful beyond their athletic careers.

"I've learned how to better my time management since becoming a mentor with and Hope Farm."

- TCU Student-Athlete

Student-athletes receive guidance on how to cultivate their mentees' sports skills and promote physical activity while developing their own professional skills. As former student-athletes and administrators, we possess firsthand knowledge of the commitment required to excel in sports, as well as the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with physical activity.

Youth Skills Development

"The kids are excited and look forward to each session. They've shared their experiences with others prompting others to join. One parent in particular has been grateful to see her son participate in sports where there's previously been no interest". 

- Hope Farm Program Manager

Community Impact

The collaboration between Hope Farm and is positively impacting the local Fort-Worth community. We're grateful to come alongside the work Hope Farm has been doing within their community.
Our commitment to passing along insight from those who have seen further is expressed in the form of relevant mentorship. Not only does it tie in well with Hope Farm's four pillars, but it reflects the stories of the leaders in the program who have seen it work for decades.

"Since working with Hope Farm and I've decided to change my career plans and work with youth in lower socioeconomic areas."

-TCU Student-Athlete

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