Skills Development
Done Differently.

We connect youth to college student-athletes for training and mentorship to maximize their potential in life and athletics.

The Ultimate Camps & Clinics Partner

Partnering with colleges, businesses, and collectives to offer compliant and relevant upskilling that deeply impacts the local community.


Active compliance guidance for all parties with each interaction.


Insured sessions and secured locations for each clinic and training interaction. 


Relevant training and development for both youth and student-athletes to build mastery.

Why work with us

We offer the advocates of student-athletes an engaging way to prepare the next generation for the future. Through coordinated camps and clinics we create a tangible, scalable business opportunity that fits the schedules of the athletes, helping them to capitalize on their most comfortable competencies while building new ones.

How it works


Onboard student-athlete population.


Integrate local and national compliance training into each stakeholder interaction.


Supporting student-athletes in creating stellar training experiences for youths while developing business acumen for the long-term.


We cultivate an atmosphere of fun and inspiring learning to develop your young athletes by intentionally connecting them to their hometown sports heroes. Knowing that 80% of the current student-athletes attribute much of their development to a sports mentor, we make that opportunity relevant and exciting for youth.


Flexible Income earning while preparing for the next level. A Partner that keeps your eligibility and development as the primary focus. We’re former student-athletes and administrators who understand your current needs as much as your future considerations.



Cultivate and retain your Student-Athlete population without an enormous budget. We come alongside the student-athlete development department to ensure that student-athletes are prepared for life after the sport through essential soft skills building, mentorship guidance, and evaluations. 

Collectives & Businesses

Be an advocate for all student-athletes

Unfortunately, the majority of NIL deals lean towards two sports. Partnering with us allows your team to intentionally serve student-athletes across a much wider range of sports while making a significant impact on your local community. If you’re questioning the ROI of social media posts and appearances, we’re here to show you another pathway.


Take a look at why parents, student-athletes, colleges, and community stakeholders are partnering with us.

Our Commitment to Student-Athletes is extremely personal for our founder, Jermaine Malcolm. During the fall semester of 2010, he grappled with this question: “how can I replicate my pathway of getting to college and a formal education?”

For Jermaine, a vehicle to that education and a new world was sports. He was sought out by a former college student-athlete after migrating from Jamaica and guided into a top-performing athlete with no prior experience. Due to its profound impact on his life, Jermaine is devoted to matching aspiring learners with suitable resources and mentorship to help them advance to their next level.

Practical and Relevant upskilling for your athletes


We specialize in developing youth 6-13 yrs old

Training sessions are conducted by our vetted college student-athletes

Training sessions are held at local fields and facilities through our community partnerships

Yes! Student-Athletes have long been able to provide training services, however, they’ve been limited through awareness and other means. We’re developing a space for current athletes to develop future athletes in a safe and compliant way.

Student-Athlete Q&As

Yes, even before NIL policies were updated all NCAA student-athletes had the ability to provide training sessions through NCAA Bylaw 12.4, but most student-athletes were unaware. We ensure student-athletes remain eligible while finding consistent training opportunities for them.

We’re a team made up of former student-athletes. We wished for relevant and accessible ways to earn money while in college to support our families and aspirations. We also want to provide student-athletes with more opportunities to build their professional presence and competencies while in college because we know how difficult a typical work or internship schedule can be for athletics programming.

Student-athletes are paid a set rate for each training session conducted, we retain a percentage to facilitate the interaction and future sessions.

We’ll work with you to schedule sessions for the days and times that work best for you.